01. The rabbits living on campus [breed] in the spring, so there are lots of baby bunnies around the university in April.
02. We bought our dog from a [breeder], so we know it has been well raised.
03. These dogs have been [bred] to fight, so they can be quite dangerous.
04. Hiring family members will only [breed] distrust among your employees.
05. An old saying suggests that familiarity [breeds] contempt.
06. There is a special [breed] of cat which is entirely hairless.
07. I don't care what [breed] of dog we get as long as the animal is good with children.
08. Hockey goaltenders are a special [breed] of player. You have to be a little bit crazy to play that position.
09. The people at the farm down the road don't eat their cows; they are raised purely for [breeding] purposes.
10. Dave's parents [bred] mink for their fur for a number of years.
11. An African proverb holds that small matters [breed] important ones.
12. Social movement success [breeds] other social movements.
13. Arthur Bloch once suggested that every solution [breeds] new problems.
14. Beryl Markham once stated that success [breeds] confidence.
15. George Bernard Shaw once remarked that the test of a man or woman's [breeding] is how they behave in a quarrel.
16. Greyhounds are the fastest [breed] of dog in the world, and can reach speeds up to forty miles an hour.
17. President George Washington liked to [breed] roses as a hobby.
18. After winning countless races, the horse was sold for over a million dollars for [breeding] purposes.
19. I took my children to a pet show where we were able to see about twenty different [breeds] of cats.
20. Children of good [breeding] do not interrupt their elders while they are talking!
21. It is very difficult to [breed] many kinds of wild animals in zoos.
22. Some rainforest birds migrate every summer from South America to the U.S. to [breed].
23. Some people believe that the war in Iraq has only succeeding in helping to [breed] more terrorism in the region.
24. During the Renaissance, people of [breeding] were expected to be expert dancers.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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